Frequenty Asked Questions

What is Mahadasha ?

There are nine effective planets and each planet effects on certain time period in your life. which is called Mahadasha of that planet. It is possible that you have auspicious planet in your birth chart but during whole life that planets mahadasha is not active in your life & you will not get enough auspicious results in your whole life.

What is Beej Mantra ?

There are different types of mantras for each & every planets in Astrology. VEDIC MANTRA and BEEJ MANTRA (also termed as 'TANTRIC MANTRA') are most popular to please the planets. It is proved that BEEJ MANTRA gives results quickly in Kaliyug and that is the main reason most of the astrologers suggests BEEJ MANTRA more often than the VEDIC MANTRA.

Can I wear two gems on the same fingers ?

As per astrology there are two groups of planets. Each group planets are friendly to each other and do not cause any harm amongst themselves. According to your birth chart this gems are suggested to boost the positive energy in yourself. You can wear two gems of same group on one finger.

I have Mangal dosh, which I found after marriage. Is there any after marriage remedies ?

The effects of the Mangal dosh can not be completely removed but it can be reduced by certain remedies and Puja.

How can i pay for services ?

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